Why Do We Do That?

Have you ever wondered “why do Catholics do that?” Well, then you are in luck.  The articles below help explain some of the Catholic practices and traditions. We hope you…

Special Collections

The second collection for August 7 and 8 Masses will be for the Webster County Food Pantry & Thrift Store. If you can, please give generously. Thank you.

Why does the priest wear a dress?

Ok, this question came from a 4-year old, but it’s a good question! When attending Mass, you’ll always see the priest wearing a distinctive garment unlike anything in modern-day fashion….

Bulletin Print Version

Much of the content of the weekly bulletin is found in the individual articles of the News section. We recommend reading parish news in that format since it does not…

Why do we use Holy Cards?

Holy cards are a centuries-old Catholic Church tradition. Also called prayer cards, each two-sided or folded small card bears an image of a religious painting or symbol along with a…