Bulletin Print Version

Much of the content of the weekly bulletin is found in the individual articles of the News section. We recommend …
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An Open Bible at Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Prepare for Mass

Pre-read this Sunday’s Scripture Readings, and see which Saints & Feasts we are celebrating this week.
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A screenshot of questions answered by the "Why do we do that?" news section

Why Do We Do That?

Have you ever wondered “why do Catholics do that?” Well, then you are in luck.  The articles below help explain …
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Rummage Sale

PCCW’s rummage sale is October 27-30.  The pod is here!  Please donate clean, gently-used items.  Please, no TVs, computers or …
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Special Collections

The second collection for September 4 and 5 Masses will be for the Webster County Food Pantry & Thrift Store. …
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