Why Do We Do That?

Have you ever wondered “why do Catholics do that?” Well, then you are in luck.  The articles below help explain some of the Catholic practices and traditions. We hope you will find this both interesting and informative.  In the back of the church and on the table in the hall, there is a box for you to submit questions anonymously for Deacon Mike to answer.  We hope you will take this opportunity to get your questions answered.

Standing or Kneeling During the Eucharistic Prayer

Why Do We (or Don’t We) Hold Hands During the Our Father?

Why Do We Baptize Babies?

Why do we bow our heads at the name of Jesus?

Why do we confess our sins to a priest?

Why do we fold our hands together during the Our Father?

Where do holy days of obligation come from? Scripture? Tradition?

Why do we pray for Saint Michael’s Intercession?

Why do we bury our dead (even when the body has been cremated)?

Why do we pray the Rosary?

Why do we bless ourselves with Holy Water when we enter the church? 

Why do we want indulgences and how can we earn them?

Why don’t we sing the Gloria or Alleluia during Lent?

Why are some days and seasons more important for the Church?

Why Do Catholics Cross Their Head, Lips, and Heart at Mass?

Genuflect or Bow? When, Why, and How

Why do we strike our breast during mass?

Why do we say “He rose again” in the Creed?

Why do Church seasons change?

Why do we use Old Testament readings in the Mass?

What’s the point of the humeral veil, anyway?

Why do Catholics Consecrate Churches and Altars?

Why do we celebrate Mass in the way we do?

What does it mean when we say “Amen”?

Why do we pray the Rosary?

What do I do with my old palm branches, worn-out rosary, or broken crucifix?

Why do we Catholics use missals instead of Bibles during Mass?

Why do we Catholics use the crucifix rather than a cross?

Do Our Souls Go Straight to Heaven When We Die?

Why does the priest wash his hands at Mass?

Why We “Dare” to Pray the Our Father?

Why do we use Holy Cards?

Why do some Catholic women wear a veil at Mass?

Why does the priest wear a dress?

Why is cremation allowed by the Church?

Why do we believe there is purgatory?

Why do priests drop a piece of host into the chalice?

Why do we only use incense on special occasions?

Why do we call priests “father”?

Why do we say Holy Spirit instead of Holy Ghost?

Why do we venerate relics?

Why does the priest kiss the altar at Mass?

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